The Story of God

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Re-designed 256-page softcover book by Tommy Nelson that explains the biblical narrative in an easy-to-read format. Forward by Josh McDowell. (Previously published under the title The Big Picture)

It is the most printed, translated, purchased, quoted, and respected book in the history of man. Unfortunately, it is also the book that most people - including many who revere it - don't understand very well. The Bible is the story of God from "In the beginning..." (Genesis 1:1) to "...and they shall reign forever" (Revelation 22:5), but the underlying message of the story is often missed.

The Bible is alive with stories rich in portrayal and plot presenting the most heart-wrenching of all tragedies, the most suspenseful of all mysteries, and the most gripping of romances. And this book's leading character is also its author and His story exposes the heart of every reader.

The Story of God will guide you through the wonders and challenges of scripture - giving you the "big picture of the Bible's message.