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Many Christians tend to ignore the Old Testament or dismiss it as impenetrable and obscure. Award-winning author Philip Yancey's combination of scholarship and insight brings new light to old material and stimulates discussion, thought, and further study. In these 8 sessions, Yancey serves as guide and interpretive leader in a series of in-depth interviews and explanations as he covers crucial segments of the Old Testament.

Sessions include:

Session 1: Is the Old Testament Worth the Effort?
Session 2: Understanding the Old Testament
Session 3: Job - Seeing in the Dark
Session 4: Deuteronomy - A Taste of Bittersweet
Session 5: Psalms - Spirituality in Every Key
Session 6: Ecclesiastes - The End of Wisdom
Session 7: The Prophets - God Talks Back
Session 8: Advance Echoes of a Final Answer

About Philip Yancey

Philip Yancey is one of the most popular and acclaimed religious writers of our day. His searching and refreshingly honest books have encouraged and inspired millions of people around the world.

With a background in journalism, Philip admits that he prefers to ask the questions instead of answer them. This has led him through a path of re-discovering his faith and sharing that, publicly through his writing, in some of the most heart-felt and tried ways imaginable. A true wordsmith, a curator of language, Philip tackles difficult issues with an approach of 'this is what I've wrestled with and how I got through it so perhaps you might find it helpful too' makes his reading incredibly engaging.

Philip admits that he lost his faith in a racist church and made a living out of being a doubter and sceptic. After he came back to his faith, he wrote books about his journey by 'circling the edges' of common issues and eventually moving on to topics like Jesus, grace and most recently prayer. Billy Graham has said that there is no one in the evangelical world whom he admires more.