REALIGN - Digital Participant Guide

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The REALIGN Participant Guide is an essential part of the 8-week REALIGN financial class. Although a tool for the REALIGN participant, individually this guide could be used by anyone to gain wisdom and insight into finding God’s purpose for their money.

The Participant Guide serves as the resource for instruction and wisdom in each week’s lesson and follows along with the video teachings. It includes lesson introductions, video notes, Bible memory verses, discussion group questions, and Next Steps homework that will help bring freedom into their lives and finances. Complete with forms to evaluate and develop financial spending plans and how to get out of debt, REALIGN and this guide will also reveal to the participant the following:

  • Make an incredible impact, one that will echo in eternity
  • God is looking for someone who is willing to go on an adventure!
  • Money is a tool to be used to help us fulfill God’s mission on earth
  • Find a deeper place of satisfaction that supersedes circumstances
  • Whatever the financial story, there is a way to be debt free
  • REALIGN is for everyone – no matter where they are financially and no matter where they are in their journey of faith!