Known by Name: Naomi Full Series Digital Download

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Naomi’s story, found in the book of Ruth, is a story of lost identity. She lost her husband and her sons, which in her culture left her completely without a home or a means to support herself. She was a Hebrew woman in Moabite territory, alone among strangers. She reacted by letting her circumstances define her. But even in her angry, fearful, rather dramatic season of feeling like the victim, God kept showing his faithfulness.

This Bible study will take you through Naomi’s journey from comfort and security to despair and bitterness; from hopeless drifting to faithful obedience; and from loss to redemption in one short lifetime. We’ll learn that when we go through trauma, loss, and hardship, it’s normal to feel Just. So. Done. Yet God remains close. He is not done. He can and will redeem even in our darkest circumstances. In this video download, you’ll see how when you don’t define yourself by your life circumstances, you won’t miss out on the calling God has for you. This video can be used for personal reflection or for group discussion. 

Session 1: 26 minutes
Session 2: 17 minutes
Session 3: 17 minutes
Session 4: 19 minutes