Known By Name: Hagar Full Series Digital Download

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Hagar's story, found in Genesis 16, is a story of cultural victimization. She was betrayed, abandoned, and scorned. Her response? She did what most of us would do when deeply hurt by someone we trust;she ran away. She got defensive. She retreated to a place where she felt safe. She felt justified in her anger and hurt. But deep in her core was a woman who longed to be seen and hoped for redemption.
This Bible study will take you through Hagar's story as she learns from hurt and heartache that what is unresolved is not unseen by God. The lack of finality in Hagar's story teaches us to trust God with the ending;believing he sees us and he knows. This video can be used for personal reflection or for group discussion. 

Session 1: 20 minutes
Session 2: 20 minutes
Session 3: 17 minutes

Session 4: 28 minutes