How Happiness Happens Digital Download

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Our culture tries to convince us there is one way to happiness: aspire, acquire, desire, retire. Happiness depends on what we hang in our closet, park in our garage, and deposit in our bank account. Yet, it’s a path that always fails to deliver. In this video Bible study, bestselling author Max Lucado looks at several “one another” statements in the Bible that reveal how the happiest people on earth aren’t those who have the most but those who are willing to give the most away. In this video download, you will see how your happiness doesn’t depend on being surrounded by people who agree with you all the time. This video can be used for personal reflection or for group discussion with the coordinating study guide (sold separately).

How Happiness Happens-Trailer from The Hub on Vimeo.

Session 1: 18 minutes

Session 2: 19 mintues

Session 3: 19 minutes

Session 4: 19 minutes

Session 5: 18 minutes

Session 6: 18 minutes