Brian Hardin's Sneezing Jesus Video Bible Study (Digital Download)

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Are You Ready To Be Human?

Human. God. Two words that jar against each other and yet describe Jesus perfectly. Jesus was fully human and fully divine, which is extraordinary. But He was also normal in the most counterintuitive way: His life shows us what normal humanity is supposed to look like. Jesus came to earth to redeem humanity itself, and through Him, that redeemed humanity is available to us all.

In Sneezing Jesus, Brian Hardin journeys through vivid Gospel stories pointing to a revolutionary truth: if Jesus took on normal humanity, then His death and resurrection didn’t just save our souls—it redeems our human lives on earth, here and now.

This digitally downloadable video series also includes 1 PDF Group Study Guide, filled with helpful application questions, to assist you, your small group, or your church.

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5 downloadable video sessions and 1 PDF Group Study Guide.

About Brian Hardin

Best known for founding Daily Audio Bible, the revolutionary Scripture podcast, downloaded over 55 million times, but Brian Hardin is truly a man of many hats. With his trademark soul patch of whiskers and wisps of hair framing his face, the Nashville creative rose to recognition throughout the Christian music industry producing for the legendary likes of Larry Norman to modern radio regulars like Jill Parr and Manic Drive, earning hundreds of album credits and a healthy collection of Grammy and Dove Award nominations.