Host Church Requirements

The Hub is passionate about equipping the local church, which is why we love teaming up with churches across the country to bring powerful truths to their communities and online viewers across the world.

Each live event requires a strong, collaborative partnership between The Hub team and the Host Church. Before applying for the opportunity to host, see if your church can meet the basic requirements:

  1. Commit to the “3 P’s” – PRAYER, PLANNING, PROMOTION
  2. Obtain support for the event from the Senior Pastor, church staff and key church leaders.
  3. Meet technology requirements to stream the live event.  This includes providing 3 HD Cameras.
  4. Commit to promote the conference via 2-minute video segments and/or spoken announcements by Senior Pastor during weekend services for at least four weeks prior to the conference.
  5. Provide the building and facilities, fully staffed, to support a church-wide, large-scale event.
  6. Sanctuary Seating Capacity of 1,000 -2,000
  7. Pay a deposit of $1000 to secure the event and date.  The church will receive their deposit back in full within 10 days after the event.  If church cancels within 9 months of event date you will forfeit the full deposit amount.

If your Church meets the basic requirements to host an event with The Hub then complete the following fields.