Let's be honest, it's difficult to keep up with those friends who read the "Bible in a Year" – every year. And it can often be a challenge to know exactly which book of the Bible or exact Bible story your friends are referencing in your Bible Study.

So, we've created Bible Hour, giving you the ability to read a short PDF in less than an hour and walk away knowing all the major themes, books, references and promises the Bible has to offer. Download today - FREE!

We've reduced the Bible down to simple words and phrases like these below, eliminating any unnecessary pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, nouns, conjugations, and verbs. With short sentences like these, you'll get through the Bible, and fast! We have boiled all of Scripture down to 826 key words and phrases, conveying major Biblical themes and theological understanding, without even using complete sentences.

"God created."   "Exiled, again."   "Messiah for the win."


"Proof you can be in a hurry, AND into Him." - Sharon Nissbleek, Bible Study Leader from Kansas City, MO

"I finished in less than 60 minutes. but then again I'm a fast reader." Pastor Charles Freeman from Fairhope, AL

"I don't enjoy reading, but I do enjoy being included in the I-Read-Through-The-Bible-Club." Jeff Roberts, Son-in-law of Missionaries, Colorado Springs, CO

"My roommate from Bible college has nothing on me now." -Matt Beecher, Olivet Nazarene University Graduate, Indianapolis, IN

"Just when I thought I wouldn't get through the entire Bible, here I am one hour later quoting high level themes." -Christian Lobb, Brentwood, TN