Naked Dinners: Redefining Married Sex - PDF ebook

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Sex. It’s everywhere, I mean everywhere. It drives the lyrics in our songs. It’s a major plot point in movies. It’s the basis to so many jokes in TV shows. It’s hard to escape it when casually browsing the internet. It even sells shampoo. It’s what the average guy thinks about 24/7. It influences the way girls dress.

For the past 7 years we've been coaching couples from survival to thriving, by providing practical advice and action steps to get couples moving in the right direction. It seems we are always addressing issues related to sex in our couples coaching sessions. There's so many forces working against us to have a satisfying sex life in marriage; stress, kids, distractions, expectations, being stuck in a rut. Sex is this massive powerful bonding agent in your marriage that too often gets distorted if you are not in a healthy conversation about it with your spouse.

In Naked Dinners | Redefining Married Sex, we provide a primer on healthy perspectives about married sex. You’ll learn the true definition of intimacy, specific action steps in increasing your sex life, how to affair proof your marriage, what’s up with pornography, and many of the common issues we hear about sex inside marriage. Here's some other things covered in the eBook:

  • What's the difference between love and intimacy
  • Affairs... how can I move on or stay married after my spouse cheated on me
  • What's considered cheating
  • Powerful questions to get the conversation started about sex
  • What men really want to know from their wives sexually
  • What women really want to know about their husbands sexual needs
  • Practical sex solutions for couples who are in a sex rut
  • Solutions for a spouse who doesn't like sex
  • A powerful 4 step method on how to forgive and trust your spouse again after they've hurt you so you can have a healthy and loving sex life again!

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