Elyse Fitzpatrick - Women Delighting In The Word

Learn how to find Joy - and Jesus - in your Bible Study.

Far too often, reading the Bible seems like just another obligation to check off your to-do list. But the Bible is so much more than a boring book of rules and regulations and stories of plagues and punishments.

In this four-session livestream event, biblical counselor, author, and speaker Elyse Fitzpatrick will help you find joy in your daily devotions.

Elyse will share how each section--the Law, history, poetry, and epistles--points to God's eternal love for you and the good news of redemption through Christ. You'll find yourself drawn to the Bible like never before as you begin to see Jesus on every page.

This event is available for individuals, home groups, and churches of any size. Stream it live on May 18-19, 2018, or take advantage of the extended summer replay until July 31, 2018!

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