Paul Tripp's 2018 Parenting Livestream

Stream Dr. Paul David Tripp's brand-new parenting event on-demand until November 30, 2018. Your Streaming License also includes a Study Guide loaded with discussion questions, to help you and your group apply these truths to your specific situations.

In four lessons, you'll learn:

Session 1 - Behind your relationship with Jesus, nothing is more important in your life than being a parent. Dr. Tripp will warn you of the most common distractions that take your focus away from your primary calling.

Session 2 - As a parent, if you aren't resting in your identity in Christ, you will naturally look for identity in your children. Dr. Tripp will reveal 5 signs that you are asking your kids to supply you with meaning and purpose.

Session 3 - Every child needs authority in their life, and God's call is for a parent to represent His authority in a beautiful way. Dr. Tripp will show you how to express grace-based authority in the home.

Session 4 - For lasting change to take place in the life of a child, they must understand the desires of their heart. Dr. Tripp will teach you how to communicate this theology and prepare them for the war against sin.

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